Roberto Alfaro


Born and raised in New York City, Roberto Alfaro overcame the trials of living in one of the worst drug-and-gang infested neighborhoods in the South Bronx by fulfilling his dream of becoming a police officer. After more than 20 years with the Hartford Police Department, Alfaro retired, leaving more time to pursue his second dream of modeling and acting. Modeling part time since 1992, Alfaro has traveled all over the country and was selected as a top ten finalist in three national model search competitions: Star SearchBacardi Limon and Latina Magazine’s "Papi Chulo" (Sexiest Man) Contest. Acting since 1995, Alfaro has taken on minor roles in many primetime television shows and hit films, including ArbitrageThe Bourne UltimatumThe Good Wife, and Nurse Jackie.

Roberto Alfaro is also a motivational speaker, writer, Inventor, Salsa dancing instructor, mounted police instructor, personal trainer, and a former body building champion.

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