Ernest Borgnine


Born Ermes Effron Borgnino, he is known to movie fans as Fatso Judson (From Here to Eternity) or Marty (Marty), or to TV fans as Commander McHale (McHale’s Navy) or the Mermaid Man (SpongeBob Squarepants) or many other names from over 200 movie and TV roles. But Hamden and the world know him as Ernest Borgnine (1917-2012). From his Broadway stage debut in Harvey in 1949 to his Academy Award-winning performance as Marty (1955) to his Emmy-nominated performance in the final episode of the TV series ER, Borgnine mastered the role of character actor in comedies and dramas that were enjoyed worldwide and recognized by the performing arts industry with Golden Globe and Emmy nominations throughout his six-decade career. He was also a long-time supporter of military veterans’ organizations and many charitable causes.