The Hamden Arts Commission
2109 Salute to Young Artists
- Student Awardee Questionnaire -

Please fill out this form and submit it back to us by Wednesday, May 7th.

Dear Hamden Student,

Congratulations on being nominated and selected as a 2019 Hamden “Salute to Young Artists” Awardee! The Salute is an annual performance showcase, gallery exhibit, award ceremony and overall celebration of Hamden students’ talents in the Arts held here in Thornton Wilder Hall. Being a “Salute” Awardee is a great honor - it means you have shown exceptional talent, skill or commitment in the Arts and are now inducted into the registry of a 34 year Hamden tradition. Performing Artists will be given the opportunity to perform a 3 minute piece of their choosing during the showcase portion of the evening while Visual Artists will be invited to hang up to 3 pieces of their work in the Thornton Wilder Lobby.

Name (As it will appear in the program)
Name (As it will appear in the program)
Which Type of Artist Are You
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Home Address
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Are you available to attend BOTH a brief rehearsal on May 9th from 5-7pm AND the actual award showcase on Friday, May 17th from 7-9pm? *
Performing Artists Section: Performance times should be limited to 3 minutes for individual performers and 5 minutes for groups
Do you need a:
Visual Artists Section: (1.) You may exhibit up to three works of art (2.) 2D artwork MUST be framed with hooks or wires on the back and MUST be marked with your name and title of the piece on the back (3.) All artwork is to be dropped off at Thornton Wilder Hall by Thursday, May 9th to be included in the exhibition

For questions or more info, please contact Alisha Martindale at
203-287-2546 or email